The Audit as a Service Platform for IT and Cybersecurity Professionals

Next-generation IT Audits and Pentests, managed together, in the cloud. The future is now. 

No more Excel lists and manual reporting

Deliver Next-Generation IT Audits

Audits should be a continuous process with your clients, integrated with internal processes and teams. With, they are. Deliver collaborative audits with dashboards and actionable reports. The future is now and is here to take you.

No need to send emails with audit findings

Collaborate and Engage with Clients

Add value for clients with a fully integrated client portal. No more emails or manual reports. Engage with real-time updates and dashboards, active client-team integration, and status updates for fully collaborative audit processes.


Auditflow is an audit platform for IT professionals. Everything you need to take audit management to the next level.

Audit project management

Create and manage secure audit projects in the cloud, with full client access

cLIENT management

Utilize a native CRM to manage clients to create a continuous audit process

out-of-the-box audit norms

Audit tasks, checklists, & databases  for for ISO, ISAE, GDPR, OWASP10, & more 


automated audit reporting

Generate and share professional & actionable reports using real work data 


own look-and-feel

Make your own, with white-label client interface, widgets & reports


Receive notifications with for findings, project activity and report completion

Solutions for Every Team 

Integrate internal audit teams, hackers, and client teams onto the same portal, with work assignation, alerts, and more, for seamless collaboration.

Cybersecurity Teams

Get Pentest-as-a-service with a full suite of tools to manage InfoSec clients, findings, and fixes, including audit norms and frameworks for OWASP10, GDPR, and more.

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IT Advisory Teams

Utilize code and architecture assessment frameworks or develop your own. Deliver actionable reports, audits as a continuous process, and keep clients on track.

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IT Audit Teams

Commit to seamless transparency with audit frameworks for IT process audits, GDPR,  ISAE3402 & more – complete with vulnerability databases, task, checklists, & audit norms.

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A better way to audit

Whether you’re using Excel, paper, PDFs, or separate audit tools, the future is now. Auditflow brings your audit process to a single platform to create seamless workflows and an improved customer experience.

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