Cybersecurity Teams


The Pentest as a Service Platform for cybersecurity teams empowers pentesting and security audits with the automation, frameworks, and work processes built around productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

For Security Experts and Ethical Hackers

Cut administration, emails, and manual data entry to empower and scale teams while delivering a better client experience.’s Pentest-as-a-Service approach links scanners and project management tooling to security audit frameworks like OWASP10 and Pentest to automate findings integration, reporting, and uploads.

Plus, with full client integration, task lists and checklists, and secure file upload, makes it easy to keep audits transparent, compliant, and secure.

Improve your IT Security Projects

Start cybersecurity audits in a few clicks with audit norms, frameworks, and templates, follow processes and checklists to ensure quality control, and collaborate with client teams in real-time. Pentest-as-a-service means managing audit projects has never been this streamlined.


Link scanners and project management tooling, set up projects using OWASP 10 and PENTEST frameworks, upload findings directly from tools, and automatically push notifications and actionable items to client teams.


Integrate people and tasks to track progress and maintain traceability


Collaborate in real-time in the cloud to push updates and fixes faster

Better Quality, Less Manual Work. 

Get in control of your workload with full tools integration, automated data mapping and reports. Free yourself from Excel, with smart pentest project management, automated tasks, and smart client and team integration.


Automatically generate reports using real work data to deliver actionable information & PDF reports 


Integrate favorite tools like Burp, Nessus, & OpenVas to automate data integration to reports & audit frameworks.

Pentest & Security Frameworks

Save time with fully customizable PENTEST & OWASP10 audit frameworks, complete with checklists, audit norms, and vulnerabilities databases. saves time, improves quality, and offers client assurance out-of-the-box.

Standard tasksG

Implement checklists like ASVS and OWASP Testing Guide 4.0 as part of project setup


Leverage knowledge bases and vulnerabilities databases for pentests and security audits

Automate Pentest Reports

Cut email communication and PDF reports and keep client teams in the loop with real-time updates and deliver actionable recommendations. improves your client experience by changing how you manage projects and share data.

A Complete Security Audit Platform is an audit management platform. With integrated project management, audit norms and frameworks, white-label client portal, and automation for reports, it has everything you need to do more with InfoSec audits.

A better way to audit

Whether you’re using Excel, paper, PDFs, or separate audit tools, the future is now. Auditflow brings your audit process to a single platform to create seamless workflows and an improved customer experience.