Next Generation Audits

Audits should be a continuous process, linking clients with auditors through projects and collaboration. With Auditflow, they are. Get smart project and client management, complete with out-of-the-box security frameworks, client-login, and more

Deliver better customer experience

Customers will have realtime insights in risks, recomendations and direct actionables from audit projects.

Collaborate with clients

Give direct access to findings, recommendations and evidence assets. Communicate via the Auditflow.io platform.

Better audits in less time

Task management, automate reporting, Connect to your existing audit and security scanners.

Audit Project Management

Streamline audit processes with customizable out-of-the-box audit norms and audit processes. Set up audit requests in a matter of clicks. Allow clients to request and start audits. And, integrate teams and task management to streamline every audit.

Project Dashboard 

Organize, track, and manage audit processes and teams with a cloud-based hub


Project Templates

Set up and start projects in a few simple clicks with pre-defined audit frameworks


Audit Dashboards and Reports

Everything in one place. Deliver at-a-glance findings and severity updates in simple, white-label dashboards. Or, generate actionable reports to deliver status, audit results, and closing statements to clients, without the overhead and administration.

track progress

Stay up-to-date at a glance with reports, risk profiles, and progress all in one place

Risk profile

Generate real-time risk profiles for at-a-glance assessment and prioritization 


Out-of-the-box IT Audit Frameworks

Save time with fully customizable PENTEST & OWASP10 audit frameworks, complete with checklists, audit norms, and vulnerabilities databases. Auditflow.io saves time, improves quality, and offers client assurance out-of-the-box.

Standard tasks

Implement standard tasks and checklists as part of project setup


Adjust Audit frameworks to your own needs per customer

Audit Onboarding and Offboarding

Seamlessly onboard new clients with project setup automation to import frameworks and delegate tasks. Invite internal and client teams through a white-label widget. And, follow up with assets, final review, and offboarding planning the next audit cycle.

assemble teams

Assign teams to projects and tasks, and link findings to external developers

re-test and schedule

Add value with real-time updates tasks, re-testing and audit scheduling 


Automated Reporting

Click to send reports to client teams and C-suite. Auditflow automatically generates reports using work-data to create actionable fixes, and share findings to offer clients value. Your teams save time on administration, clients get better reports. Win/win.


Your audits, your branding. Drive value for your organization with custom branding.


Auto-generate reports using work-data to share actionable items to client teams

Client Access

Add value with complete client access via our white-label portal. Offer an audit dashboard, sharing transparent audit checklists, progression tracking, reports, and audit risk profiles including severity of findings and direct integration into client project management.


Create client profiles to enable client-requested audits and long-term collaboration


Share actionable findings directly to client teams, so they can resolve issues 

Team collaboration

Get more from audits, with full team integration and data-sharing. Bring client teams into your tooling to ensure fixes and updates proceed smoothly, and validate results afterwards. Auditflow.io supports secure file upload and sharing to make collaboration easy.

Evidence sharing

Upload files, share links, and chat in real-time to share evidence of findings


Directly connect with tech teams and stakeholders to drive results faster

In-app Communication

Communicate with teams directly in project tooling for smoother updates and faster responses. Following secure processes becomes simple, with communication directly linked to the audit project, full traceability and documentation, and real-time collaboration 


Keep teams in the loop with real-time findings and notifications

track conversations

Maintain traceability with full documentation, linked to projects

Document findings and recommendations

Create fully actionable reports of findings, with developer explanations and recommendations, so clients can solve problems. Plus, with secure file sharing and a knowledge base, developers can securely upload findings while maintaining client-security.

Evidence sharing

Upload proof-of-findings with reports, screenshots, and code snippets

encrypted data

Share findings alongside developer notes and replication information 



Stay productive with the tools that matter for you and your clients. Auditflow.io natively links to scanners, project management tools, and more to ensure your teams remain productive, even when sharing to private apps and external teams.


Link scanners directly into Auditflow to automatically upload findings 



Automatically add tickets and work items in client project management 

Client Management

Manage clients with a full CRM, complete with risk profiles, previous audits, and customized audit frameworks per client. Auditflow.io functions to help you create repeat business with clients who need continuous audits for ongoing compliance and security.

Client Management 

Stay in control of clients and projects with a full CRM and client management


Integrate risk-assessment to plan future projects, driving revenue and value

White Label Branding

Integrate clients, share reports, and offer dashboards, all with your organization’s own look and feel. Auditflow.io is fully white-label, adding value to your organization and your brand. Update frameworks, logos and colors to match your brand.

onboarding Widget

Onboard clients from your own website with a white-label widget

Client Portal

Offer full client access to reports, dashboards, and risk profiles

Auditor Marketplace

Upload your organization’s information onto our auditor marketplace to generate leads and direct sales. Clients can directly request audit processes from your pre-defined audit frameworks to start processes, generating business for your firm.


Clients access an auditor marketplace to generate leads and drive sales


Allow clients to start audit processes, with onboarding, team setup, and more.

Other Features

Auditflow.io is everything you need to seamlessly manage audits from a single, cloud-based platform. Change the way you audit.

Responsive UI

Access responsive Auditflow dashboards from any device with a secure connection


Benefit from real-time updates and collaboration with cloud-based project tools


Receive notifications with for findings, project activity and report completion

support portal

Access our live support portal, chat, phone or email. We’re here to help

GDPR ready

Auditflow.io is fully secure  and GDPR compliant. Learn more here.

Secure platform

Maintain secure logs and documentation with encrypted data

A better way to audit

Whether you’re using Excel, paper, PDFs, or separate audit tools, the future is now. Auditflow brings your audit process to a single platform to create seamless workflows and an improved customer experience.