Getting Started

Sign up and get started with in 5 simple steps.

Use our wizard to quickly finish everything yourself, or request onboarding assistance for help every step of the way.

1 – Brand Your Interface

Upload your brand’s logos, colors, and style to change the look and feel of client-facing interfaces, reports, and dashboards to reflect your organization. is fully white-label, your clients, your business, your brand.

2 – Invite and Onboard Teams

Quickly invite relevant team members, ranging from internal security experts to external ethical hackers, create profiles, and assign roles. Auditflow links work to audits, people, and tasks, for complete transparency


Configure automatic updates to ensure key people stay up-to-date


Delegate & track task progress for transparency and accountability

3 – Configure Audit Norms

Choose audit frameworks, customize out-of-the-box audit norms, or build your own to create quickly deployable audit projects available at client request. Once set up, audit norms include delegatable tasks, processes, and tracking.

4 – Define Project Templates

Set up project processes from initial interview to onboarding to follow-up. Auditflow seamlessly manages audit projects from start to finish, with progress tracking and full documentation and transparency at every step.

Integrate Tooling

Integrate scanners & project management tools to optimize work

Automated Task Creation

Automatically deploy tasks using frameworks for project creation & transparency 

5 – Ready to Start!

Start new projects in a few simple clicks. Or, onboard clients through our white-label widget and allow client-requested projects and audits. Clients can simply onboard teams, integrate their tooling, and start audits right away.

Need help with startup and implementation?

The team at is here to help. We offer a full implementation package to help you set up and get started. Whether you need onboarding to learn the interface, custom frameworks, or live training, we have you covered.

A better way to audit

Whether you’re using Excel, paper, PDFs, or separate audit tools, the future is now. Auditflow brings your audit process to a single platform to create seamless workflows and an improved customer experience.