What is Auditflow.io?

A platform to manage audits, integrate scanners and project management, and clients. Auditflow.io is complete with audit frameworks and norms, tasks, full team integration for direct contact with tech experts, and audits as a continuous process. It’s a new way to audit.

Connecting all stakeholders

Auditflow.io platform provides a way for all stakeholders to communicate & boost audit processes.

For every IT audit team

Auditflow.io is design for all kinds of IT Audit teams and companies.

Pentest and Security Audits

Code Assessments, Architecture Assessments

IT process audits, GDPR, ISAE3402

Working together with your customer

Auditflow.io integrates client and auditor teams into a single, white-label portal allowing seamless collaboration, transparent communication, and efficient results. Audit-as-a-Service comprises 6 simple steps handled in the tooling.

1 –  Client signup

Onboard clients via a white-label widget on your website or application. Clients upload data into a public form, to immediately get started. Widgets are fully white-label, with your organization’s logo and branding.

2 –  Project starts

Create audit frameworks, predefined custom norms per client, and enable audits per client. Once the project starts, frameworks automatically launch tasks, prioritization, invite project leads, and set up project management.

3 –  Assemble teams

Set up teams from internal databases and available client personnel. Integrate project management tooling, assign client stakeholders, and automatically deploy tasks. Auditflow.io makes team and task delegation easy.

4 –  Define Scope

Define the full project scope, what needs to be audited, like Web applications, Infrastructure components, IP addresses, etc. With custom definitions per client, full project scope, and transparency, audit kickoff has never been this simple

5 –  Audit collaboration

Deliver findings and reports as they become available, sending real-time notifications and updates to clients. Auditors directly interact with client teams, so everyone remains aware of audit processes, fixes, and progress.

6 –  Review Findings and Report

Share findings with information, developer notes, and encrypted files to help teams find solutions faster. And, share data via dashboard or via auto-generated report, so stakeholders, including non-dev teams, stay informed.

7 –  Plan re-test and next cycle

Auditing is an ongoing need. With Auditflow.io, you plan new audit cycles as part of the existing cycle. New audits start automatically, so clients stay secure, and you retain customers. Security needs are ongoing, audits should be too.

A better way to audit

Whether you’re using Excel, paper, PDFs, or separate audit tools, the future is now. Auditflow brings your audit process to a single platform to create seamless workflows and an improved customer experience.

Why Auditflow?

Deliver a better customer experience with Auditflow.io. Integrate clients for seamless collaboration, communication, and actionable results. Auditflow brings audit and client management together on one cloud platform.

Ready to learn more?

Discover Auditflow. WIth a full suite of features ranging from client portal to automation and project management and scanner integration, Auditflow delivers a next-generation experience to clients and teams alike.