IT Advisory Teams


The Audit as a Service Platform for IT audit and Compliance projects

Leverage audit-as-a-service to manage compliance & audit projects, with frameworks, industry norms, and streamlined work processes to simplify how you audit.

For Technical and Security Experts

Cut time investment and fieldwork on compliance scans, due diligence assessments, and research with tools and integration to automate data entry, map findings to frameworks, and generate reports. links scanners to out-of-the-box frameworks for ISO 27001, ISAE3402, & more, with secure file upload for sharing actionable findings.

Plus, with complete client integration via white-label portal, it’s never been easier to collaborate with clients in an encrypted, real-time environment.

Improve your IT Audit Projects

Digitize audits and research with a cloud portal, full digital onboarding, digital dashboards & reporting. Collaborate with key people in client organizations, link tools, and implement progress tracking to offer full documentation at every step.

Technical Assessments against Industry Standards

Launch audits and code assessments with full transparency and quality assurance, using checklists, knowledge bases, and automation. Plus, with full customization, every framework can be updated to meet specific organization and client needs.


Every audit framework is complete with vulnerabilities and audit checklists


Access a comprehensive vulnerability database to help clients solve issues

Data Privacy Assessments

Conduct data privacy assessments with full interaction and integration into relevant teams. With full encryption for data sharing and client access to dashboards and reports, it’s easy to help clients remain GDPR friendly.


Link scanners and tools to quickly identify and upload findings


Maintain quality with simple documentation and checklists

Out-of-the-box IT Audit Frameworks

Streamline your audit and compliance projects with out-of-the-box audit frameworks. Whether you’re performing due diligence and source code research, compliance scans like ISO 27001, or Security Verified audits, offers the frameworks to make project setup and completion easy.

Standard tasks

Implement standard tasks and checklists as part of project setup


Leverage knowledge bases and vulnerabilities for every audit

Reduce Fieldwork

Reduce time-per-project by leveraging out-of-the box frameworks, automatically mapping scanner findings to frameworks, and automating reports. Plus, with real-time updates linking to project management tools, makes reports actionable.

Streamline Compliance Audits

Leverage databases and frameworks, with custom norms per client, to quickly set up research and compliance projects for clients. Plus, with integrated project management, secure file-sharing, and delegatable tasks, it’s everything you need to do more with audits.

A better way to audit

Whether you’re using Excel, paper, PDFs, or separate audit tools, the future is now. Auditflow brings your audit process to a single platform to create seamless workflows and an improved customer experience.